Intensive Driving Course Uk | Intensive Driver Training Courses in UK

18 Hour Course

3 days 6hrs per day, recommended min 18hrs previous experience, driving independently and familiar with certain manoeuvres.

Prices from £705

24 Hour Course

4 days 6hrs per day, recommended 15-20hrs previous experience, driving semi-independently and introduced to certain manoeuvres.

Prices from £915

30 Hour Course

5 days 6hrs per day, recommended 10hrs previous experience, familiar with car controls and junctions and a manoeuvre junctions.

Prices from £1125

36 Hour Course

6 Days 6 hours Per Day, recommended for the complete novice, the average person who learns co-ordination skills reasonably well.

Prices from £1335

42 Hour Course

7 Day Course 6 hours per day,designed for individuals with no experience behind the wheel providing more time to build driver confidence.

Prices from £1545

48 Hour Course

8 Day Course 6hrs per day want to learn at a relaxed pace, you can do it over more days and give yourself more preparation time for your driving test.

Prices from £1755

12 Hour Retest Course

Recently failed a driving test but feeling confident then 6 hours over two days is the course for you.

Prices from £495

6 Hour Retest Course

You failed a driving test 1 serious fault only good overall standard of driving and need a driving test quickly.

Prices from £285

6 Hour Extended test

Need to raise your driving standard and take an extended test. Waiting times may be longer.

Prices from £335